The benefits of utilising R&D tax credits

  • Reduce Corporation Tax liabilities
  • Promote long-term business growth
  • Cash back for your business
  • Encourage constant innovation

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Why should I claim R&D tax credits?

Reduced tax bills or money back

  • They encourage innovation helping you stay ahead of the competition
  • You could receive cash refunds which could help minimise costs or fund future R&D projects
  • Tax credits will reduce your Corporation Tax liabilities, freeing up spending in more critical areas of your business
  • They will help manage your cash flow when solely relying on the success of a R&D project
  • You can claim every financial year, promoting long-term business growth
  • The qualifying criteria is so broad you could be undertaking qualifying R&D activity without even realising
  • Expensive pipeline projects become a lot easier to start and finish than previously thought 

How do I claim R&D tax credits?

Let Caldwell Penn do the hard work for you

  • We have a team of in-house experts with detailed knowledge of the latest tax legislation to ensure your R&D claim is maximised. Cash back for your business is our priority.
  • No face-to-face meetings are required. We will let you know what information we need, and we will take care of the rest, making the process as efficient as possible.
  • We make sure claim deadlines are met and help you claim up to two previous years so that your claim is maximised.
  • We have experience working with a wide range of businesses, individuals and R&D projects, so you are in good hands!
  • You only pay fees for our support based on the value of the claim accepted by HMRC. 


What are the benefits?

Improve short term cash flow and long term innovation

  • Cash refund
  • Reduced corporation tax liability
  • The confidence that you can make future claims with ease

Frequently asked questions

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