The benefits

  • Compliance
  • Avoid unexpected tax
  • Peace of mind

Why should I worry about IR35?

The cost of getting it wrong can be significant

  • The cost of employee’s and employer’s national insurance if you get it wrong are considerable as well as interest and penalties.
  • You need to set your contractor business up and you want to make sure your chosen structure is the most tax efficient whilst keeping within the current tax legislation.
  • There is an enormous amount of Case Law in this area and the Taxman is not always right. They do not have the final say on whether somebody is caught by IR35 or not. We can argue your case for you.  

How do I know if I will be caught by IR35?

Let Caldwell Penn do the hard work for you

  • There are many factors to consider in deciding if you as a contractor are caught by the IR35 legislation (the planned changes in legislation originally due in April 2020 have been deferred until April 2021 due to the Coronavirus pandemic).
  • We can review your existing arrangements and give you our opinion on whether it will stand up to attack from the Revenue. We can help draft contracts for services to assist you and advise on how you can maximise your chances.
  • We discuss with you your current employment situation and business needs, giving consideration to the following factors:
    • Control
    • The right to get a substitute or helper to do the job
    • Mutuality of obligations
    • Provision of equipment
    • Financial risk
    • Basis of payment
    • Opportunity to profit from sound management
    • Part and parcel of the organisation
    • Right of dismissal
    • Employee benefits
    • Intention of the parties
    • Length of engagement 

What are the benefits?

Peace of mind knowing that you're compliant

  • We have a thorough understanding of the most up to date IR35 legislation and can provide you with our expertise and advice to help you decide which path to take.
  • We can discuss with you the tax advantages of contracting in more detail and the various options available to you.
  • Peace of mind in:
    • Knowing what your IR35 status is.
    • Operating in the most tax efficient manner.
    • Using the correct structure for your situation.
  • If required, the support of an expert to assist with:
    • Tax computations.
    • Review of contracts for IR35 status.
    • Provision of anti IR35 draft contracts.
    • Dealing with IR35 disputes. 

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