The benefits

  • Become a more attractive investment option
  • Promote long-term business growth
  • Ease cash-flow problems
  • Easy way to raise capital

Establish your company’s EIS & SEIS eligibility

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Why should I consider EIS & SEIS?

Raise capital essential to business growth

  • Take the stress out of raising money by becoming a more attractive investment option for potential investors.
  • Offer significant tax relief to potential investors.
  • Ensure the survival of your new company by relieving initial cash flow problems in the first few years of trade.
  • Helps you raise the initial capital in a high start-up cost industries.  

How do I apply for EIS & SEIS investment schemes?

Let Caldwell Penn do the hard work for you

  • We have a team of in-house experts with detailed knowledge of latest tax legislation and experience working with a wide range of business and individuals.
  • Deadlines and tax compliance requirements are always met.
  • We take advantage of tax reliefs, allowances and available benefit structures and work proactively and efficiently with clients to ensure they receive the best service possible. 

What does EIS & SEIS achieve?

Business growth

  • Becoming a more attractive investment option means it is more likely that you will be able to raise the capital needed to buy that new equipment or relocate to a large office space.
  • It will give you the confidence that you can raise vital capital when needed. 

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