The benefits

  • Plan for the future
  • Meet all your obligations
  • Improve cash-flow

Why should I prepare a cash-flow forecast?

It can provide confidence in your financial future

  • 61% of small businesses experience cash-flow problems on a regular basis.
  • 82% of companies that go out of business do so because of poor cash-flow visibility and management.
  • Having an idea of your future cash inflows and outflows allow you to make better strategic decisions. 
  • Cash-flow forecasts can help you manage and improve cash-flow by identifying weaknesses.
  • Identify funding options.
  • Identify investment opportunities with surplus.  

How do I prepare a cash-flow forecast?

Let Caldwell Penn do the hard work for you

  • We have a team of in-house tax experts who will prepare your cash-flow forecasts ensuring you have reliable reports to make informed strategic decisions.
  • We use a range of cloud-based software and apps to optimise the process and automate tasks that beforehand would be completed manually. The software includes:
    • Fluidly
    • Float
    • Futrli
    • Xero

What are the benefits?

Real-time dynamic reports

  • Up to date cash-flow forecasting
  • Personalised and dynamic insight into your company's future financial position
  • Bring to light the most important actions to improve future cash flow position
  • Receive real-time insights and actions
  • Clear, precise view of what’s happening with your company's cash based on real-time information
  • Scenario based reports on the current and future cash position if certain actions are taken 

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