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Not all accountants are the same

Running a business can sometimes be lonely and worrying and business owners rely on their accountants heavily for support and advice.  With such a huge amount of trust placed in accountants we make it our business to ensure we earn that trust.

The following are the 5 key areas where we can make a difference:

  1. Advice

Rather than just being a number cruncher we have countless other roles to fulfil. From advice on forecasting cash flow, choosing the right business structure and deciding the right mix of salary and dividends, there are numerous advisory roles we perform – in effect we aim to be part of your business – not just a service provider

  1. Technological know-how

The connection between accountant and technology is expected to become closer than ever.

In order to keep up with technology we are continuously preparing ourselves for any changes to the accounting industry that may happen in the future.

  1. Tax efficiency

This probably should be promoted to the top of the list – our up to date knowledge of tax legislation allows us to advise you on becoming as tax efficient as possible, and help you save in areas where you would otherwise be unnecessarily losing money from your business.You’ll also be informed of any changes to legislation and be recommended the most appropriate strategy to enable you to pay the least amount of tax possible.

  1. Communication

Whether it’s over the phone, face to face or by email – you will value being able to chat to your dedicated Client Relationship manager whenever you have questions concerning your business.

  1. Genuine care for your business

We genuinely care about the success of your business, and take extra steps to ensure we listen and understand you – you are not just a number to us.