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November 2008

  • 10 Ideas to Beat the Credit Crunch

    Newsletter issue - November 08. If your business is feeling the pinch in this general economic downturn, it's more important than ever to look at what you can do to help your business. Here's 10 ideas to get you started... Get paid sooner! Encourage your customers to pay more quickly, by giving small discounts or…More

  • Losses on Property Lets

    Newsletter issue - November 08. In these turbulent times, losses on property lets may be increasing, so it's worth taking a look at how those losses are treated for tax purposes, to help get tax relief for any losses. Where property is held in your own name If you let a property you own personally,…More

  • VAT Problem for House Builders

    Newsletter issue - November 08. In the present climate where house builders are stuck with properties they can't sell, they may be tempted to rent them out. However, when building firms rent out newly built homes instead of selling them, this can cause VAT problems. This is because new residential properties are zero rated for…More

  • Losses in a Group of Companies

    Newsletter issue - November 08. Although single companies can normally only carry losses forward, where there are several companies in a group the losses made by one company can be set against profits made by other companies for the same year. Companies are regarded as a group when either 75% of the ordinary shares from…More

  • November Question & Answer Corner

    Newsletter issue - November 08. Q. I'm worried that the cash my company has on deposit is not covered by the Government's guarantee for personal bank accounts. Should I pay my corporation tax early so the money is secure and I know that debt will be paid? A. Deposits made by small companies in UK…More

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